Saturday, April 19, 2014

La Vie ♥

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When you say cherry blossoms, french breads and a winery in the heart of the city,
La Vie Parisienne - Cebu will surely be at the top of your list.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Narrator

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 OOooh, A comeback post to this one eyy? Yep2x!

It's been a while and I miss blogging so much. I just decided to go MIA and be back when the semester is finally over. And heeeeeeell yeah, 2nd year college is so DONE, d-o-n-e, AT LAST!

So I was saying, this month marks the time when I made "My Style Arena" a year ago. So much hesitations and second-thoughts at first  if I'll gonna pursue this thaang coz' I know it will be a grueling one. And YES, it truly is, Blogging is a tiring addiction, but seeing myself running my own site and sharing every thoughts I love to post, is an instant happiness I feel inside and the love of pushing it through all the way. If you gonna ask me if I see myself still blogging years from now? Well of course! I love blogging, and I bet "MY STYLE ARENA" will still accompany me through the end! *cheers for more years

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Seriously? Are you kidding me? Whatsoever.
Nah, no time to answer those questions since its been a pretty long hiatus for me to update this blog. Again, school is soooo sick now with the semester that is about to end.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Take A Break

It's been a week for me, a very tough one. But I'm afraid it's gonna be tougher in the coming days. With all the compilations, projects, researches, stage play and other school stuffs I have to do to complete the finals, I still manage to surf the net 'til dawn, go hangouts with bffs, malling, food trippipn' and even smile and laugh despite the heavy loads of work I have to do as a student. Face it guys, there will be a time in our life when we have to be very busy, go serious in our work and give everything of our time accomplishing what we have to accomplish. Though having busy scheds, we all deserve to have a BREAK! A 5-minute chitchat with a friend perhaps, a coffee time with your bf/gf or even checking you Instagram for a while, whatever things you need to accomplish you need to pause for a while and take a break! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Take Aim

If you are following me in Instagram (@ohohbilzy), you might knew that I won an international giveaway from Michelle Madsen, a blogger and a designer in LA. I got to have this TAKE AIM Necklace (designed by her) from LOVE NAIL TREE. I just can't believe, until now, that I won her giveaway from her blog. I was searching for fashion blog giveaways on the internet and then I came across to her site. To win, I have to share what I am specifically taking aim at right now and what am I pursuing in life. I simply answered:

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